Celebrate St Patricks Day in/around Boston !!!

How to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in/around Boston 

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St. Patricks Day Parade - South Boston's one and only St. Patrick's Day Parade. Sunday March 15, 2015 - Bars near the parade route - Bars and Pubs

South Street Diner ST. Patricks Day Celebrations - March 15 -17 - Boiled Dinner w/ Guinness for $10. 

MJ O'Connor's  - Park Plaza has a special infused Irish Whiskey on the bar for St. Patricks Day.

Sky Box 109 in Natick - Special Corn beef  and cabbage + Jameson Milk Shakes. + FREE Green cotton candy .   

The Independent - Somerville - Special Irish menu for the day that include an Irish Breakfast, Corned Beef Dinner, Irish Bangers and Mashed, Guinness Beef Stew, Lamb Sandwich. Plus drink special because what would St Patricks Day be like without drink specials.

Cornwalls Kenmore Square - My personal home away from home. - Take it from me, stop in for lunch/dinner and get some of the John Beale special St. Patrick's Day Corned Beef and Cabbage with his special "Guinness Mustard" .  

McGreevys America's first sports bar and the home of the Dropkick Murphys  - This place is a St. Patricks Day go to.  

Brass Union - Somerville - will be rocking a special menu with a traditional a boiled dinner, corned beef sandwich or shredded corned beef and spuds (Irish cheese fries) 

Bukowskis Tavern - Cambridge will have a St. Patty Burger -  a seared corned beef patty with irish whiskey bacon , cabbage and Irish cheddar cheese.

Poe's Kitchen at the Rattle Snake - Will have a special jalapeno spikes corned beef taco - (flash fried cabbage, topped with Jameson potato salsa and parsley chimichurri.

Best Pint of Guinness - A lot of people have a personal favorite pint in Boston. For me it's between Mr. Dooley's and Solas,  I am also know to be at Cornwall's for one or two (see above).

Now for the last two years Tom O'Keefe a.k.a. @BostonTweet has taken one for the team.  
Tom has traveled and searched the Boston area (for research only) to find out where the Best Pint of Irish Stout could be found in Boston. 

 Here's his results. 

Updates the @Bostontweet 2015 Pint from the Metro/Boston

***Irish Car Bombs are not the go to drink for this holiday and some bars have been known to ask you to leave just for ordering one.

 (See below)


Enjoy the day and be responsible 




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