A Guide To St. Patrick's Day Around Boston | 2018

The @BostonAttitude Top Picks For Celebrating St. Patrick's Day Around Boston



It's my favorite day of the year, St Patrick's Day in Boston. Boston is known for celebrating St. Patrick's Day in a big way. From the famous South Boston Parade to our legendary Irish Pubs in the city, Boston's Irish eyes will be smiling this St. Patrick's Day.  

 Here's our list of the best parties, best Irish pubs, and where to get yourself a pretty good pint of Guinness to celebrate. 

The Best Irish Pub around Boston!! 

The Black Rose - 160 State Street Boston

The Burren - 247 Elm St Somerville

Solas Irish Pub - 710 Boylston Street Boston

Doyle’s Cafe - 3484 Washington Street Jamaica Plain

The Druid - 1357 Cambridge St., Cambridge

J.J. Foley’s Cafe - 117 East Berkeley Street

Matt Murphy’s - 14 Harvard S Brookline

Mr. Dooley’s Tavern - 77 Broad Street Boston

The Banshee - 934 Dorchester Ave Dorchester

Who Has The Best Pint Of Guinness? 


A few years back Tom O'Keefe a.k.a. @BostonTweet searched the Boston area to find out who poured the Best Pint of Guinness in Boston. See the tweet below for his results.

Personally I think Solas and Mr Dooley's have the best is Pints in Boston.  Apparently I like the pint at Back Bay Social Club too, or at least according to my last credit card statement I do.   




Last but not least, I highly recommend stopping into Cornwall's for their special St. Patrick's Day Corned Beef and Cabbage with a special "Guinness Mustard", a tradition put on each year by the owner John Beale. I look forward to it every year!! 

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