Missing “George,” the 1973 Indian Motorcycle

Missing“George,” the 1973 Indian Motorcycle

I received an email today from the folks at Ball and Buck today about the theft from their store located 144-B Newbury Street. All they really want is to have the mascot “George,” the 1973 Indian Motorcycle returned. Here's a copy of a message from Boston's own Ball and Buck. If anyone knows anything please reach out. 

Boston’s own Ball and Buck suffered a devastating loss yesterday when it’s mascot “George,” the 1973 Indian Motorcycle, was stolen from in front of the store on Newbury Street in broad daylight. Named after America’s first President, George was a well-known fixture on the busy street and a symbol of the all-American spirit of the brand.
"George is a part of Newbury Street. Not only was he stolen from Ball and Buck, but from the City itself. We just want him returned to his rightful home,” says Mark Bollman, CEO of Ball and Buck.
The Indian Motorcycle first appeared in 2008, when Ball and Buck first opened. The men’s wear and lifestyle store offers the highest-quality goods, all Made in USA. Ball and Buck is located at 144-B Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116
Any information on the stolen motorcycle should be communicated to BPD or called in to Ball and Buck at 617.262.1776 or @ballandbuck
Thank you!

If anyone knows anything please contact Ball and Buck!!