#NationalTequilaDay around Boston

It's Friday, the weather is just amazing out and it's #NationalTequilaDay. Where to go? How to celebrate? I know a little bit about tequila and have put together a list of places, drinks  and Tequilas for you to enjoy.  Happy Friday Boston!! #TGIF 


Five Tequila drinks to try today around Boston with Images 

My personal Tequila Picks for you to enjoy today!! 

Now we all have had a bad college night with Tequila, It happens, but did you know you were probably drink cheap knock off tequila that wasn't even made in Mexico. Real Tequila is made with 100% Agave and if you sip it not shoot it, you will actually enjoy it and find it's really actually good. 

Here's some Tequila I suggest you try.

Herradura is my go to for making margarita's at home. I like the reposado the best. Drinks or Sipping. 

Espolon If I am sipping or taking shots this tequila is my favorite. It's not going to break your bank, it's always smooth and found everywhere. 

Grand Mayan Ultra Aged Tequila - This very special tequila is for sipping only, It's going to cost you more but if you are a scotch drinker this might be your new favorite tequila. 


Grand Patron Piedra- Not for the budget seekers, this Extra Anejo is on the high end of Tequila drinking. It's newer on the market and hard to find. I like it because of it's smooth finish and I enjoy it best with a cigar.


Tequila Bar's around Boston

Papagayo -  Four locations and over 180 tequilas to choose from. They also have Tequila Snow Cones seen above. Papagayo also hosts a tequila club.

Lone Star Taco Bar - This Allston taco bar has some awesome choices of Tequila. Nothing too high end and the bar staff are very knowledgeable and will help you with your choices.

Sunset Cantina -  In Allston/Brookline near Boston University they have a lot of tequila to choose from geared towards the college scene.

Lolita's  - Or as I call it, Boston's Vampire Sex Cave. This sexy hot spot makes awesome Margaritas and hosts a large tequila selections for you to enjoy. 

Besito Mexican - Two local locations , I recently had the chance to enjoy the bar at the Chestnut Hill location. This elegant Mexican spot has an awesome and ever growing tequila selection with very knowledgeable staff. 


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Cover Photo - Tequila Snow Cones from Papagayo Facebook Page