Some Cities just do nothing when they have a Blizzard!! But not Boston!!!

The #Blizzardof2015 Highlights 

We all know Boston is special, we have a lot to be thankful for like the fact we are in the Super Bowl again.

When other cities just bunker down and ride out the "Blizzard" Boston takes to social media. Here's some tweets from Boston in the #Blizzardof2015.

We saw a Yeti for the first time. They are real. 

This guy shoveled snow off the Boston Marathon Finish Line. It's sacred ground you know. This photo is powerful and shows just how much we love the Boston. I would like to know who shoveled the Finish Line I want to buy him a beer or two!! 

Don't believe in ghosts?  We had a snow ghost sighting in the Brighton area, (I can confirm the Ghost is Very Friendly)

In Boston we just can't except that we have 30" of snow. We want to see just how the snow piled up. Just ask Nick Barber.

We make the best out of a bad situation. 

We love to Tweet about the weather. Just ask the girls over at Metter Media 

We find new ways to get around the Boston. 

We won't let some snow get between us and our Dunkin Donuts "ICE"Coffee. (I walked about a mile for mine) and I would do it again. 

We have a sense of humor and like to show it off. 

We take safety seriously, however we like to have a little fun at the same time. We also speak our own language.

I told you we had a Yeti in the City! 

This storm was the 6th biggest storm in Boston History with 24.5 " of light snow in the city.