5 Napkins is more than just a burger joint #INeed5Napkins


I had the opportunity to attend a blogger dinner at 5 Napkins Burger in Boston with some local bloggers and social media personalities from the Boston area. 

To be honest, I had only been to 5 Napkins one time, at the bar and only had the famous 5 napkin burger. But on this night I had the chance to try new items and dine in a very upscale environment. 

I was very impressed with the full service experience that gave me the chance to stray away from the burger. But the Burger is still a must, I suggest ordering one for the table as a side dish. Really!! Trust me on that!! 

 I had the Blacken Pan Seared Mahi Mahi with Mexican Corn Salad, Chipotle Cream and Grilled Asparagus for dinner. The Mahi Hani was cooked to perfection and had a great blend of flavors. The Mexican Corn Salad & Asparagus added color and texture to the dish.


Other Menu Items featured at the table. 

EDAMAME HUMMUS 9.50 miso - tahini, sunflower seeds, sprouts & warm flatbread , 


CRISPY CALAMARI "RHODE ISLAND STYLE" 11.75 vinegar peppers, parsley & lemon. 

PESTO FLATBREAD 9.00 oven-dried tomatoes, pesto & cheese 

Below is the 5 Napkin Burger of the month for February 2015

Burger of the month! Spicy Bacon & Eggs Burger- Fresh ground beef topped with a fried egg, cider braised bacon, crispy shallots & sriracha mayo. Available until February 28th

Here's another bloggers tweet from our night at 5 Napkins Boston. Follow Chelsea Marrs at @ChowDownUSA and read her 5 Napkins Post chowdownbythebay.blogspot.com/2015/02/party-at-5-napkin-burger-new-menu.html

5 Napkins in located at 105 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA  02199 

About 5 Napkins - The Story 

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Images taking the night of the dinner by @BostonAttitude or provided by 5 Napkins and Facebook